Recombinant protein production
Pricing and Ordering
Requested Prices
Please feel free to contact us for your special needs. We evaluate each request and offer
best prices as a quotation within 24 for every contact.
Purchase Order Required
Please send us a purchase order to start your order if you decide to use our services.
Materials Required
Starting from Cloning
In general, send us about 2 ~ 10 μg of each of plasmid DNA and vector DNA depending
on their sizes that just need to be sufficient for cloning.
It takes as soon as 2 - 4 weeks for recombinant protein production and purification.
After that, we deliver a whole package to you, including a report of detailed information
and the requested amount of proteins.
Starting with your DNA constructs
If you have the construct of genes ready for use, send 50 - 100 μg of the plasmid DNA
to us for recombinant protein production.
C&M Biolabs offers recombinant protein
services to help you quickly make different
expression systems, including bacteria, yeast
and mammalian cells. Our proprietary protein
expression and purification platforms ensure
high expression and high quality of functional
recombinant proteins. C&M Biolabs works in
partnership with our customers, providing the
best customized solutions with flexible scale
production and additional technical supports.
Recombinant Protein Production
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