High reliability ― High sensitivity and reliability
Simple operation ― Easy and convenient
Low price ― More effective cost
Take 1 ml of the One Solution ECL Reagent for every 10 cm² of blotted membrane (0.1
ml/cm², or more). The membrane is immersed with the ECL solution for 1-2 minutes
before taking off the solution and then wrapped with SaranWrap for autoradiography
with X-ray film. A detailed procedure is described in the product manual.
How to Use
C&M Biolabs™ One Solution ECL Reagent is a proprietary
formulation of highly sensitive, enhanced luminol-based
chemiluminescent reagent for Western blot detection of
horseradish peroxidase (HRP) enzyme activity. Advantages of
this One Solution ECL Reagent over the traditional two
solutions-contained ECL include high reliability, easy to use
and effective cost.
Western blot analysis using One Solution ECL Reagent
C&M Biolabs™ One Solution ECL Reagent
    Cat# CM0511
    One solution, 50 mL in a opaque amber bottle
    Sufficient for 2500 cm² of blotted membrane
    2 - 8°C, do not be frozen
    Shipping Condition
    Ambient or cold pack
    Limited use
    For research use only
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