Outsourcing Is not Perfect for AAV Preps
Gradient ultracentrifugation is still a common method used in research to purify AAV
particles and, however, is processed with a very complicate procedure, time-consuming,
laborious and not  pure enough. To avoid the complicate operation, researchers mostly
choose outsourcing business for AAV preparation i.e. Let the outsourcer do gradient
ultracentrifugation. Using outsources even takes more time to have the viral preps that need
to be validated to answer what it is. It is therefore not perfect but much inconvenient for
researchers to use AAV in their project.
The New technology is suitable for purification of AAV and adenovirus principally but
differently in conditions. Accordingly, AAV purification kits and adenovirus purification kits,
are developed, which are designed in different sizes such as Midiprep, Maxiprep or Megapreps
for needs.
New Technology Enables AAV Preps in House Easy
The new technology we developed overcomes the difficulties in AAV purification, enabling
researchers to make high-quality AAV preps in house easy and efficient. The main features
include easy to process, high purity, high recovery and no cytotoxicity concern because of no
toxic compounds used, as listed in the following table in comparison with gradient ultra-
New Technology
Gradient ultracentrifugation
Easy to use
Cumbersome & laborious
    Processing Time
2-3 hours
> 24 hours
    Viral Purity
Not pure enough
    Viral Recovery
    Prep Volume
No limit
A few of milliliters
    Number of preps
No limit
Up to 6
No cytotoxic
Toxicity concern about
the gradient agent
New Technology-Based Products for Lab Use
AVgene™ AAV Purification Kits
AVgene™ Adenovirus Purification Kits
The company
Need help
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