This lentiviral packaging solution is an optimized formulation of  
lentiviral packaging plasmids, ready to use for lentivirus production by
cotransfection with a lentiviral vector. The solution contains packaging
plasmids efficient for transfection to produce the viral particles with a
yield up to 10⁹ TU/ml.
High packaging efficiency ― The packaging solution ensures to produce high
yields of lentivirus up to 10⁹ TU/ml.
Easy to use ― This optimal mixture of packaging plasmids is a ready to use solution.
To package viruses, simply do cotransfection of the packaging solution with recombinant
lentiviral vector of interest following the protocol of transfection reagent used.
Low cost ― It is at a significantly low price and used with high efficiency.
Use Conditions
Take an appropriate amount of LentiOptit™ Lentiviral Packaging Solution as described in the
table below and mix with recombinant lentiviral vector of interest in transfection medium.
Addition of transfection reagent solution follow the transfection reagent protocol.
Lentiviral Vector
Optimal Packaging
Solution (μg/dish)
Range of Packaging
Solution (μg/dish)
60-mm dishes
3 – 6
4 – 8
100-mm dishes
6 – 10
12 – 20
150-mm dishes
15 – 30
30 – 50
LentiOptit™ Lentiviral Packaging Solution
    300 µL in a sterile H2O
    20 preps with 100-mm dishes
    - 20°C
    Shipping Condition
    Ambient or cold pack
    Limited use
    For research use only, by following the biosafety
    Cat# CM0303
High viral titer was yielded using LentiOptit™ Lentiviral
Packaging Solution
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