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As a reliable partner in cellular and molecular biology,
C&M Biolabs provides innovative products and
comprehensive services to scientists for academic and
industrial research and development through our
expertise and professionalism since founded in 2011.
C&M Biolabs has spent several years to attempt to
resolve issues in purification of adeno-associated virus
(AAV) so that to meet the continually increasing need of
high quality AAV in gene therapy and recently developed a
brand new technology that makes AAV purification easy
and high efficient and yields the virus in very high quality.
To realize the great values of the new technology in
application to gene therapy, C&M Biolabs is currently
looking for
partners in cooperation to develop the
new technology-based process for
AAV manufacturing.

We have developed the new technology-based products of
AAV Purification Kits and Adenovirus Purification Kits for
research use. These products are open for
for sale in order to meet a large number of
market demands.  
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