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DNA subcloning   of < 1.5 kb DNA
One clone
DNA subcloning of 1.5 ~3.0 kb DNA
One clone
PCR cloning of < 1.5 kb DNA
One clone
PCR cloning of 1.5 ~3.0 kb DNA
One clone
The turnaround time is 5 - 10 days for DNA subcloning and PCR cloning in C&M Biolabs,
which varies from case to case.

A package is delivered for each order, including 10 - 20 μl miniprep DNA of your requested
construct, cloning map and DNA sequencing data.
siRNA/miRNA Cloning
• Functional siRNA design
• siRNA cloning
• Functional miRNA design
• miRNA cloning
Viral Cloning
• Viral cloning of cDNA genes  
• Viral cloning of small RNA
• Lentiviral cloning
• AAV cloning
• Adenoviral cloning
cDNA Cloning
• cDNA cloning
• cDNA subcloning with a tag
• Truncated mutation
• Site-direction mutagenesis
• Large scales of any cloning
DNA Cloning
• Promoter cloning
• 3'UTR or 5'UTR cloning
• Genomic DNA cloning
• BAC DNA modification
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Cloning & Sequencing
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