Our bioanalysis services deliver a package for each order, including detailed procedures, row
data, analysis results, graphs and figures in publishable styles. The intellectual property of
these outcomes belongs to you as data report is delivered.
Basic Prices: For single packages of analysis, our prices are started as low as: (1) RT-PCR
from $1,500; (2) Western blot from $2,500; (3) ChIP assay from $3,500; (4) Promoter
analysis from $3,500; (5) miRNA analysis from 3,500.
• Fully scientific process
• Confidentiality guaranteed
• Effective cost: no delivery, no charge
• All rights remains to you as delivered
siRNA/miRNA Application
Design and validation of siRNA and/or miRNA
Gene Expression Analysis/Promoter Analysis
Expression detection, quantification and functional
analysis of genes of interest
Epigenetic Regulation
Detection and analysis of modifications and interaction
DNA and histone
Signal Transduction
Drug discovery, pathway screening, ligand-binding assay
and peptide function analysis
Drug analysis: cell toxicity assays and DNA damage assays
Viral Application
Viral cloning, production, and analysis of lentivirus, AAV
and adenovirus
Pricing and Ordering
Request Prices: Available upon contact using the email: info@cmbiolabs.com
Ordering: Purchase Order only
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