Antibody Sequencing
C&M Biolabs provides fast and professional services for
antibody sequencing. Its scientists with extensive experience
with antibody variable region sequences guarantee high
quality of the services of which the cost is effective. Services
are customized with various packages for complete antibody
sequencing specific for your need, applicable to antibodies
derived from many species, including mouse, rat, rabbit and
human sources.
You send your samples of hybridoma cells to us. A sample
size is needed about 10⁶ cells with a minimum of 10⁵ cells
per sample.

We perform RNA isolation from hybridoma cells and do
RT-PCR to amplify antibody variable regions upon request.

PCR products are cloned into a PCR cloning vector and,
after transformation, 5 - 10 minipreps of individual
colonies are sequenced and analyzed.

Data report are delivered within 10 working days, which
includes DNA sequences and amino acid sequences of
variable regions (vH and vL). The recombinant plasmids
are delivered upon request with no cost.
Service Summary
Analysis Procedure
Pricing and Ordering
Listed Prices:
Part #
Service Part/Description
Cloning and sequencing of heavy
and light variable regions of
hybridoma antibody
Two clones:
vH and vL
1-2 weeks
Cloning and sequencing of
leader sequence and heavy and
light variable regions
Two clones:
vH and vL
2-3 weeks
Cloning and expression of  variable
regions using scFv-Fc
One clone
3-4 weeks
Cloning and expression of  hybridoma
IgG using whole IgG
One clone
3-4 weeks
Request Prices: Available upon contact using the email
Ordering: Purchase Order only
It takes about 1 - 2 weeks for regular cloning and sequencing of variable regions of light
chain and heave chain of an antibody. For special requests, the turnaround time varies from
case to case. A whole package will be delivered, including a report of detailed results and
plasmid DNA of vH and vL clones

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