AVGENE™ Adenovirus Purification Kits
AVgene™ Adenovirus Purification Kits employs our proprietary, innovative
technology that allows customers easily to get ultrapure adenovirus solutions. The
technology developed based on adenovirus properties features simple procedure, time-
saving, high efficiency and high quality. For various needs, several sized kits are available,
such as
Midiprep Kit, Maxiprep Kit and Megaprep Kit. These kits do not contain
compounds toxic to cells, so the purified viral solutions can be used for most experiments
in cultured cells and
in vivo animal models.
Midiprep kits
Maxiprep kits
Midiprep kits
Maxiprep kits
Purity of adenovirus yielded by
AVgene™ Adenovirus Purification Kit
is visualized by SDS electrophoresis
and CBB staining, showing multiple
bands of the viral structural proteins.
It indicates the adenovirus
purification perfect.
Pricing and Ordering
Adenovirus Midiprep Kits
    Adenovirus Maxiprep Kits
    Catalog #
    4 preps
    10 preps
    4 preps
    10 preps
High Purity: The kits yield high-quality viral solutions that are ultrapure.

High Recovery: The viral recovery in use of the kits is high, >90%.

Easy to Use: Easy and quick steps that can be finished in 2-3 hours.

No Toxicity: The kits do not contain any compounds toxic to cells.
Listed Prices:
Request Prices: Available upon contact using the email: info@cmbiolabs.com
Ordering: Purchase Order only
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